Key Ideas of blogging in the classroom

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Kim Pericles is a Year 4, 5, and 6 teacher, aiming to instill her blogging enthusiasm into her student’s learning practices. I’ve drawn out three key ideas from her 2008 article, Happily Blogging.

Key Idea One:

Developing student responsibility and awareness for blogging etiquette and online safety.

By viewing various existing blogs as a class, carefully scaffold how to make and monitor appropriate posts and comments, keep a blog ‘on topic’ and make a blog aesthetically pleasing. The class can then develop a set of guidelines and criteria by which students can assess their own and other’s progress. These guidelines should be displayed and continually revisited.

Key Idea Two:

Students self-select topics to ensure engagement

Working individually, in pairs or small groups, students self-select their blog topic, and determine their purpose and audience. Students are then intrinsically motivated to produce authentic, quality work. Some examples of self-selected activities in Kim Pericle’s Year 4, 5 and 6 class include:

– Becoming ‘experts’ in their field of interest, curating information and replying to comment threads.

– Blogging examples of their classswork as an ‘online showcase’

– Publishing original writing online and receiving feedback from people from all over the world on comment threads.

– Creating and updating a class newsletter

– Share class activities like science experiments, debating topics and drama, music and dance performances.

Key Idea Three:

Broaden technological skills by using a variety of tools

A blog is a centralised platform where you can embed video, photographic and text slideshows and montages, create personal avatars, animations, post music, mindmap online, create hyperlinks and play games. Using all of these tools in a blog keeps it interactive and engaging.



Pericles, K. (2008). Happily blogging @ Belmore South. SCAN, 27(2), 4-6


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