Jump on the class blogging bandwagon!!

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Creating a class blog is a useful way of showcasing the activities and topics learnt in class. But blogging needs to be done appropriately, by choosing relevant, informative content and keeping comments refined and age-appropriate.

Take a look at this blog (linked below), which is a class blog for Mr Avery’s Year 6 class in Massachusetts, USA. It is a comprehensive, well-designed blog that simultaneously teaches students how to blog with etiquette (see the class-developed guidelines) and tracks class topics, activities and field trips. Stage 3 students from all around the world can connect with this blog and tap into this international pen-pal system. Teachers can also use the blog for sharing classroom ideas and providing students with global perspectives.



By comparison, take a look at this blog (linked below), which focuses instead on a certain topic: biology. Designed to cross year levels, it is targeted at students completing AS/A2 biology units in the UK senior high school system. It features a good balance of light-hearted and more scientific posts that keep students engaged in biology, keeping up to date in world biology news, events and research. Most posts have annotations and tags. The blog is also used to remind students of administration matters and provides sample exams. I see utility of this blog in classrooms as young as Stage 3 (Year 5 and 6) in fostering interests in biology.




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