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Two puppets stage a commentary on just how ‘ green’  large-scale corporations and advertising agencies actually are.

Some of the false premises brought to light include:

  • do the images advertised match the ethos of the company?
  • does the advertisement present real facts?
  • 7 sins of “greenwashing” in  brand marketing: worshipping false labels, irrelevance, lesser of two evils, hidden trade-offs, no proof, vagueness, fibbing.

The puppets then launch into a satirical ‘green’ episode showing these greenwashing tactics in action:

  • employing ‘green’ buzzwords like ‘all-natural’, ‘preservative free’,  ‘sustainable’
  • unsubstantiated claims without offering proof
  • backgrounds of images of the natural world
  • promoting ‘new and improved’ changes where nothing has been changed!
  • false awards

The clip finishes with a strong message that the truth will always prevail, and provides websites to visit to make yourself more informed, like

This clip can be used for teaching school students about how to be internet and media savvy: Show  school students the clip, providing opportunity to ask questions for clarification. Perhaps find other advertisements that employ these ‘greenwashing’ tactics and see if students can spot them! The internet and the media are big places full of booby-traps. Equipping them to ‘smell a rat’ is the best way to ensure they stay well-informed and can protect themselves online.