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The Lost Thing IWB lesson procedure:

1. Read the Lost Thing to students
2. Bring up IWB file on Smartboard

3. Explain the purpose of the lesson: To explore how Shaun Tan uses particular images and setting to create a certain mood and feeling.

4. Show image of last page. Ask ‘how does Shaun Tan want us to feel about this image? ‘can anyone suggest what about the image makes you feel this way?’

5. Explain that we are going to change the mood and feeling of this image by adding to the setting.

6. Demonstrate how to click and drag an item into the image, modelling how to give a reason for your choice, eg. ‘I’m going to add this butterfly, because they remind me of being out in the sunshine, which makes me feel warm and content.’ Check your prediction to see if your edit alters the mood of the image.
7. Click and drag the corresponding adjective under the image.

8. Have various students come up to IWB and repeat Steps 6 and 7.

9. Hold a discussion of how images and setting change the mood and feelings of a book.


See this screen shot of our IWB workfile below:Image